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Blog 1: Confessions of a Semi-Hoarder :(

by on Jun.07, 2013, under Uncategorized

First blog post!! As the housing fair nears, I find myself getting more and more anxious about the big move. I’m hoping to lug a giant suitcase full of winter clothing over (containing scarves, pea coats, fuzzy pajama pants, etc.) and have a friend safe- keep it so that I’ll have less to move come August. The trouble I’m having is the packing part. Like the stereotypical girl, I fear that I’m a bit of a hoarder! I stand back and take a look at my room and I think, “Well surely I’ll need this pair of fairy wings, what would I be for Halloween without it?” or “I must find a way to pack this 30in X 30in white board as it’d be super useful to study with” and “Five pea coats and two snow jackets doesn’t seem nearly enough to save me from the impending snow storms!” I’ve also contemplated and acted upon the notion of buying winter clothes here in California while there are still some change-of-season sales. So far I’ve gotten a pair of snow boots with linings in them for an awesome steal of $35 and a scarf for $1 (yes, ONE DOLLAR!) as well as some other miscellaneous items like thick wool socks and beanies. It is only after the shopaholic/over-thinker side of me has subsided that the logical side of me hits and I realize that I must find a way to send all this to the East Coast. Seriously, may the packing gods save me!

Aside from my packing issues, which I feel better and better about each time I watch Hoarders, I’m generally excited about the move across country. Last week the transmission in my car decided it did not want to help me go in reverse anymore and that’s when I knew I was excited to move to Boston. I see the fact that I’m carless for a few days and going to have to fork over some big bucks to the auto shop as a sign from above that it’s time to stop driving. I’ve never lived in a “real” city in my life, never had the full experience of public transport or loud noises at night or a littered street. The suburbs have been my home no matter which continent I’ve been on (Taiwan or North America) and my undergraduate years were spent in a quaint college town where everything was within biking or walking distance. And although at the end of the day, I’m pretty sure I’ll end up in a homey suburb much like the one I grew up in…for now, I’m excited by the prospect of some hustle and bustle. I may regret this later, but I’m truly excited to take the T and commute to school, I’m excited to walk around the busy streets with friends and classmates and explore. I’m excited to witness my first Boston marathon, experience my first “real” winter, and eat some good seafood! At this point, the possibilities are endless.

There are so many exciting things coming up in the summer leading up to my big move to Boston that I’m a bit overwhelmed, actually. I’ve been told that the summer before school is like your last vacation and to cherish it well. With that notion in mind, I’ll be (sadly) leaving my job at an optometry office at the end of July. Then I’ve lined up a visit to Oregon with one of my best friends since high school and a trip back to Taiwan to visit my relatives and my 13 year old cat, Candy, whom I’ve had since 5th grade. My goal is to spend time with those closest to me and to experience some new places and things with them before I completely submerge myself into the NECO family for the next four years. I want to say I’ll be able to keep all my relationships at an equal level while in school, but on the off chance that I slack a little…at least I’ll know we had a glorious summer!

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