About Angela

My name’s Angela and I’m a NECO c/o 2017! Because eye jokes just get cornea and cornea (I kid, I kid!), I titled my blog using the infinite wisdom of the movie, You’ve Got Mail. Aside from the part that it’s a hilarious quote that I’m certain will reflect how I feel about school during exam seasons, it’s also a quintessential part of the movie where Tom Hanks’ character realized that everyone around him knew exactly who they were and where they were going…and he wished he were as lucky as they. In many ways, I think my optometry road has mirrored a similar bumpy ride. It took me a few years during and after undergrad to realize where I wanted to go and how to get there and now that I’m on my way, it seems almost unbelievable. I’m excited to share my journey with everyone as I make my move from California to Boston and finally joining the NECO family!