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So, what does love have to do with it?

A lot!!!

Most of us who enter this noble profession have an Ah-Ha moment and today’s blog is dedicated to that story.  When I was in high school, many moons ago, we had a driver’s education class. The most exciting part of that class was driving while your teacher was sitting on the passenger side. Well, in order to get to that stage each student first had to pass the vision screening by the school nurse.

I must admit that even at the age of 16, I did not piece together the extent of my visual impairment. In fact, when I ‘failed’ the vision screening, I was surprised.  Soon after, I found myself in the comfy chair of our local optometrist and when faced with the letter chart, I remember feeling embarrassed that I could not even identify the big E.  I was fascinated by the refraction process and within minutes was reading 20/20. My Ah-Ha moment was when it felt like someone turned the lights on in the world.

Suddenly, everything was bright and oh so clear. It was a great feeling, one that to this day I recollect each time I find a marked improvement in my patient’s refraction.  Imagine being in the room when someone has their Ah-Ha moment. Young or old, each patient is excited about their new found sight.

From that experience, I carried forward a few good observations.  I realized that many children, and some adults for that matter, do not complain about not being able to see well.  This is because the majority of a child’s world is within a few feet, that is until they are faced with the prospect of driving.  These patients make do with what vision they have and subconsciously make adjustments such as head tilt, eye squinting, or simply moving closer to things to see them clearly.

So, how does this tie in with the title of this blog?  Well, it can be said that I love what I do and it shows.  Or at least that is what anyone who has seen me do an eye test says.  Since that day when I was prescribed my first pair of spectacles, I have continued to be fascinated with the sight test process.  It amazes me that within minutes and without the need for advanced diagnostic tests, optometrists can change the way people see the world.  It is an intriguing notion and it continues to give me delight in the process.

After all, when you love or like something, for that matter, it becomes a more natural process and you can approach it with ease. Even on the days when it seems like there are an endless number of tests and proficiencies, I remind myself of my Ah-Ha moment.  I know I am not alone in this feeling as I look around NECO and see the expression on most of the student’s faces.  It is nice to see there is a lot of love for our profession around NECO.  Part of the beauty of optometry as a profession is that it attracts happy people, the sort who are genuinely caring and dedicated to their work.  The kind of people who approach their work as not just a paycheck, but rather as a paycheck with a bonus.  That bonus is the joy that you feel in the process.  No doubt it is a challenging course, but I would not trade where I am today.  As each exam passes, it is another slam dunk towards the end of this journey and another chance to fall more deeply in love with my chosen profession.