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Although the longest of the three semesters for the ASIP program, this semester seems to be flying by. In many ways this semester seems to be wrapping up the acquiring knowledge part of learning and steering more towards applying that knowledge. This semester we have: Advanced Ocular Disease II, Advanced Contact Lenses, Special Topics II, Clinical Medicine, Binocular & Accommodative Anomalies, Environmental Optometry, Strabismus & Amblyopia, Pediatrics, Advanced Therapeutics, and one whole day at a clinical site each week. Sounds like a heavy load and it is. Last I counted, the course load for this semester is 26+ credits.

At this stage, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and it is easier to integrate the knowledge across the topics. For example: in AOD we learned about retinoblastoma and in Pediatrics we learned about it again with emphasis on how it is an ocular malignancy that occurs in childhood. We have to do many projects this semester which at first seemed like busy work but, I am now finding it to be enjoyable. The projects challenge us to look at topics outside of our lecture notes and highlight the importance of continuing education. We are doing a group project in Pediatrics which will aim to answer the question which parents can pose to an optometrist: “Why does my child’s pupil look white in pictures?” Through this project, I have learned about researching and presenting information in terms of providing patients with evidence based answers to questions. Perhaps in my next blog I will share with you my findings regarding this subject.

Officially, it is spring in Boston. Spring seemed to have gotten lost on its way to us or you could say Winter overstayed its welcome. In any case, temperatures are shifting for the better and with it a new sense of energy and exploration of the city. We just had Restaurant Week here in Boston. It was a great time to indulge in the local restaurants and the special fixed price menus. For lunch, I was able to try out a seafood restaurant that I had walked past many times. Although I must say I enjoyed all three courses of my afternoon meal and the view of the city that accompanied it, I left feeling overstuffed. I also left realizing that perhaps I have a mild seafood allergy. It figures I would discover this in Boston, the land of clam chowder. For dinner, I opted for a French/Cambodian restaurant. It was an interesting mix of flavors. The restaurant had both cuisines on offer and you could mix and match amongst them. I did just that and my palate was happy. Dessert was the best part. A chocolate caramel tart, passion fruit mousse, and a decadent chocolate truffle cake. No, I did not eat all three on my own…I had a bit of help from my friends. I finished the week feeling as if I tried some of the best restaurants Boston has to offer.

It is interesting to note the title of this blog is…”Wrapping It Up” and it relates both in terms of my studies here at NECO and leftovers from my dining experiences of restaurant week. Here’s to looking forward to the last few weeks of this semester!!!