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One of my first blog entries was about making a ‘nest.’ Well, the time has come to pack up and move upwards and onwards…or in my case, geographically downwards from Boston to Providence, Rhode Island. I must admit, I did not know where Providence was located exactly on the map and only had a vague idea of the location of Rhode Island as a whole. For those that are not aware, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA. If anyone wins Jeopardy with this tidbit of knowledge, I expect a share of the winnings. Back on topic, Providence is roughly 50 miles south west of Boston. Providence is the capital and most populated city within Rhode Island and the third largest city in the New England region. No wonder Providence is considered part of the “not willing to travel” category when we made our rotation choices. Having said that, it is a good one hour commute and so I decided to make the move down.

I felt sad moving out of my little ‘nest’ in Boston, but at the same time I was excited to discover new lands and experiences. I am grateful for having a loving mother who came up from New Jersey to help me with the move. I managed to fit most of my things into 4 suitcases and a compact car. I managed to secure housing through a friend of a friend type situation. I am settling into my new home and slowly embracing living in a part of the city where I have to drive everywhere. I do miss living a few blocks from Trader Joe’s in Boston. What I do not miss is carrying bags full of groceries home. I also miss the T system, but definitely do not miss the bus system. For the 15 months that I lived in Boston, I did not drive a car and I managed wonderfully. Driving places has become a novelty now that I have become reunited with my car. Pumping gas on the other hand seems a chore. Growing up in New Jersey, I was spoiled by not having to pump my own gas.

So far, I have managed to visit a bit of downtown Providence and the Brown University area. The famous Thayer Street made for an enjoyable stroll and I even managed to find an old fashioned one screen movie theater. Providence is known for some good eats. In 2012, Travel & Leisure Magazine listed Providence as the #1 city to go to get a delicious meal, beating out the likes of New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and Portland. There is a renowned culinary school here. I am hoping to take a 3 hour cooking class taught by instructors who have trained celebrity chefs. There is also a culinary arts museum which looks like a fun place to spend an afternoon. I am sure there is much more to discover about Providence and I look forward to doing just that over the next 3 months. I will report my discoveries in future posts. For now, off I go to get ready for clinic tomorrow!

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