Nicaragua Travel Journal, January 2013

Nica Day 1

Buenos noche,

I arrived safely in Managua yesterday afternoon and as usual was met with some delay by customs allowing me to enter the country with my equipment. While I was waiting for them to approve our passage, a group of US southerners were passing smoothly through inspections with their 10 rifles!!! Only in Nicaragua.

Today was a packed day of touring. We showed the students the Masaya Volcano, which had a mini eruption in April, so we all had to wear hardhats. We also saw the crater lake and town of Catarina, the public market at Masaya, and old downtown Managua. Pics of the day below.

Tomorrow we leave early am to start the drive across the country and begin clinics! Off to drink some flor de cana with the crew.

Nica Day 2
Today we travelled by road across the country to El Rama to start our clinics. The road had several traffic jams (see pic of the day). We started our first clinic and saw 500 people in about 4 hours. The students did an awesome job on their first clinic day. Moreover, I am now a star as I was interviewed for the radio station. In the end, we worked in the pitch dark with flashlights. Tomorrow we are off to several communities around the area.

Nica Day 3


I am sitting in my hotel despite the power being out in my town (thank god for generators). Although I did just take a cold shower in the dark. I should have known today would be an adventure. …

This morning I took a small group of students to a small hillside plush community named Kissilala (true story). It was deluging rain this morning and the road is horrible. Needless to say we needed to travel in an appropriate vehicle. That vehicle was the back of a pick up with a leaky tarp (see pic of the day). We arrived at our clinic (porch of a family’s home) completely drenched. Don’t let that fool you, the day was great. The community was gorgeous as were its people. The woman of the house made us a great lunch, which included homemade arepas and cheese. I believe throughout the several communities we serviced we saw approximately another 500 people.

Nica Day 4

After spending the night without power, we awoke to a full day of clinic (see pic of the day). We had no time to breathe, pee, or sit down! We saw approximately 800 people today and practically ran out of our supply. People were so appreciative, giving kisses and wanting to take pictures. I am now sitting on the porch of our hotel listening to the crazy birds here and watching the sunset. Tomorrow we leave at 5am for the bumpiest ride ever- 3 hours worth!!! I am expecting a few pullovers for vomit breaks. Couldn’t get better.

Nica day 5,6 and 7

Sorry I have been incommunicado for the last three days, no internet. Let’s see..,, where did I leave off.

Day 5 – went on the 4 hour road trip on the best road ever ( see pic of the day). No vomit breaks thank god! Saw patients…

Day 6- arrived in Pearl Lagoon, one of my most favorite places (see next pic of the day). Saw patients….

Day 7-took a great panga ride (see next pic) and arrived in Bluefields today and saw a record 850 patients in one day!

It’s been raining tons here and I feel like my feet are always wet, only to be relieved by a cold shower. Power is out now, water was out yesterday. Sounds like a bad trip but I am enjoying the people I am with and having a good time.

See you tomorrow- off to eat some pescado d’entero- if the restaurant has power ;). Just saw myself on the news getting interviewed.

Nica Day Final

My final day was a gem. Started with an early morning swim in the sea. We had a short clinic session and ran out of everything. We saw a record total of 5000 patients!!! Unbelievable. I spent the afternoon on the beach (see pic of the day) and arranged a beautiful lunch with a great view. Finished with a show of the sunset. Corn Island is a majestic island….. and has the best ceviche!

Tomorrow morning I start on a full day of travel to frigid Boston….. can’t wait. All in all it was a fantastic and fulfilling trip and a great way to start the year.

For more information about my trips to Nicaragua, click here.








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