During Labor Day weekend, all of Boston is charged with excitement as students arrive, unpack and begin nesting for the upcoming academic year. For many in our incoming first-year OD class, it’s their first opportunity to fend for themselves, having to shop, cook and adjust to all the other activities required for independent living. In addition, they are often in awe of the overwhelming number of activities and the vibrant student life that the city offers.

Our returning students have already arrived, settled in, and have started renewing relationships and swapping stories about their summer adventures. Although the College slows down somewhat during July and August to accommodate faculty and staff vacations, there has been constant activity in the classrooms and the pre-clinic generated by the third-year OD, ASIP and AODP programs. And of course, our final-year clinics continue at full throttle all year long.

You’ll notice that the Beacon Street building is in pristine shape with new rugs, fresh paint and a number of less visible upgrades that are easier to perform when there are fewer occupants to disrupt. The ID system has been simplified and provides us all with more secure access to the building. Everything is in place for the academic year.

We all want you to be successful. You will be expected to work hard and, sometimes, very hard. So please take advantage of the support, both formal and informal, that exists at the College. The Student Affairs Office is highly attuned to the daily activities of each class and attempts to anticipate and solve potential problems. Dr. Fisch and I meet with student leaders on a regular basis to discuss ways to improve the quality of your education and experience here. Your classmates and those students who have preceded you are an invaluable resource in helping you with technical and clinical issues.

So, enjoy the transition to the crisp fall weather, take advantage of being in Boston and New England, and prepare for a year of personal/professional growth and accomplishments.