The Snowstorm of ’13

“You look like Santa,” my roommate’s girlfriend shouted as he trudged up the whitened hill in the dark, sled in hand and headlamp aglow. He had gone down head first and the white fluffy powder sprayed up, lodging itself into his beard. I thought he looked ridiculous, but then I remembered I had a headlamp on too. I grabbed the sled from him and took a running start. I felt like a kid again.

There had to be at least forty people sledding down the hill with us. In the distance, I could make out figures steadily making their way to the park to see how the sledding situation was. The storm was picking up and the roads were completely empty except for the occasional car or plow. Snow was flying sideways, and so were snowballs… I caught one in the back and turned around to see my roommate smirking. He later regretted it when I got his girlfriend to join forces with me in an epic snowball offensive – he had no hope against us (okay, it wasn’t that one-sided, but it’s my story).

The storm started earlier in the day and everything had closed down. I was scheduled to do student interviews earlier that morning at NECO, which were cancelled – I hope no one actually flew out to Boston for an interview, only to be stuck in a blizzard for the weekend. Even the public transportation had shut down and would not reopen until the following Monday – I saw it as a great excuse to stay in, hot chocolate in hand with a fire going.

Ultimately we ended up with about two feet of snow – not too shabby for a 24 hour dusting. At one point over the weekend, we were in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, just talking about how crazy the storm was just as things began to settle down. My roommate asked how this storm had stacked up against those I experienced growing up in my hometown, way up in Northern Maine. I looked over, smugly – “In 2008 we had fifteen feet of snowfall that winter – a blizzard like this is a two to three time occurrence every year up there.” The jaws dropped, and I took my coffee and strolled out of the room for dramatic effect. As if that’s something to even brag about.

I have to say – I’m not a fan of winter at all, but so far this one is shaping up to be a good one. I should remember this one for a while.

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