Almost There

Congratulations to all of my fellow OD3s for completing part I of the National Board exam! We are now that much closer to realizing what we had all set out to do since day one of first year – that is, becoming full-blown, independent, and competent clinicians. We have worked hard and all deserve a pat on the back. Great work, guys. Just hold on until we get our scores and it will all be smooth sailing from here on out (not to say that we all won’t continue working incredibly hard…that part never really ends for us, but that’s part of the satisfaction in what we do).

I remember starting first year and thinking of Boards as distant and insignificant to me at that moment, but time could not have flown by any faster. Already, I find myself preparing for my fourth and final year as a student of optometry but feel as though it all just began yesterday. I have met some incredible people during my time here at NECO and I will go into fourth year both proud of my colleagues and myself, but at the same time a little heavy-hearted to see our class part ways for the last time before graduation next year. I will truly miss you all.

Now that the mushy part is said and done, I have to say I am really excited to travel around and really get my feet wet clinically. Fourth year is all about the clinical experience and fine-tuning our skills as well-rounded, efficient, calibrated, well-oiled optometric machines; it’s the polish before the final product, if you will. This will be our opportunity to take all that we have learned in school and boards and apply it clinically. We will be evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a whole host of refractive conditions and ocular diseases that we only dreamed of in class. We’re on to the big leagues, guys and gals.

Until rotations begin, I am doing everything I can to catch up on lost time with the friends I have made here. We all know how crazy second year was, and then it was preparing for boards. Now, it’s projects and finishing out third year strong, but it is also different because now we can breathe a full sigh of relief moving forward. We can go out for that drink without the overwhelming guilt that we’re relaxing too much and not working enough. We earned the right to have a little fun, and that is exactly what I plan on doing until May. Here’s to the next month and a half together, I can’t wait to spend it with you all. Cheers.


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