Exploring Baltimore

We are already midway through summer – I can’t believe we’re already in July. I have to say that I’ve never experienced anything quite like the heat in Maryland. The past few weeks, temperatures have been into the 90s (Farenheit), and as high as 97 a couple of times. Fortunately for me, I am living in a row home equipped with central air. Needless to say on those exceptionally hot days I don’t venture out too much. Fortunately if I do get a little cabin fever, I have roof access to get a little sun and maybe be a hipster and play a little roof-guitar:

On days where the sun is a little more forgiving, I like to venture out into previously undiscovered areas in the Greater Baltimore area. I try to stick to the nicer areas, like Fell’s Point, the Inner Harbor, or Mount Vernon. One of the coolest places was actually one of the first I visited down here: a music store called Sound Garden. This place has probably one of the better vinyl selections I’ve seen in terms of rarities and unique records, second to Looney Tunes in Boston (which closed a few years ago, sadly). They also have live shows in-store and the occasional rock star that likes to drop in.

Another spot I like to get lost in is the Barnes and Noble downtown. This is not like any other B&N I’ve been in before. The building was once an old power plant that supplied power to the local railways and public transit systems, and they maintained the aesthetic when they renovated the building. The giant steel frame is exposed as you explore inside, and there is an upstairs balcony conveniently located next to an in-store coffee shop and free WiFi. Just outside, the balcony overlooks the harbor and live music plays by the store entrance daily.

There are more sites to behold that I would like to visit before I leave here. I have rode by Edgar Alan Poe’s burial site and museum and the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon, but have not actually stopped to see these landmarks. I also want to check out Federal Hill, another neighborhood that I’ve heard a lot of great things about. There’s a burger joint there that is apparently one of the best around, so I’ll definitely have to stop by.

Baltimore is not a big city, though it does have more to offer than I first anticipated. I guess I still have a little more time to check it out!

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