About Dave

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The following is a collaboration between my friends Debi, Pat, and Tim and it is more accurate than I could have ever imagined:

David “Tex” Nadeau was born on a crisp, spring day – doves were crying everywhere. Hailing from the northeastern corner of the United States, he lies in wait for any opportunity to do something unexpected, yet undoubtedly calculated. His knowledgeable, friendly green eyes are reflective and interested in people, academia, concerts, and in 4AM chicken and waffles. While others in the class sit in their regular seat each day, this devious black horse moves through a chessboard of seats all the while leaving his audience to ponder his next move – where will he sit? What will he say? Will he fall asleep or will he stay awake? He walks amongst the chaos of the NECO classrooms, spreading an air of independence as he sports his favorite childhood winter scarf and a boyish charm combined with an edge of “hey-punk-you-looking-at-my-scarf?” One moment, you’re walking to your destination, somber – then all of a sudden, you find yourself skipping and smiling for no reason. When you look around to find what made your mood turn so drastically (known as the “180”), all you’ll see is a faint trail of sparkling Dave-flakes fading off into the distance, perhaps off to some clinic to put NECO under the bio-microscopic light.

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