Chairs Missing by Joe, resident at the New England College of Optometry


The Blueprint

Well hey there.  I have been asked to attempt to write on a somewhat regular basis about my experiences here at NECO.  As an optometry student with a distant past grounded in the humanities it feels like a lifetime ago that I was writing on a regular basis.  It’s probably about the last thing I thought I’d be doing as a third year.  It’s been nice to take an extended break from writing and focus on more tangible things like high stakes multiple choice exams or slit lamps and ocular disease.  But as I write this I suppose it’s come full circle. I’ve spent about six or so years in the wilderness of science, but it feels like it’s going to be fun to write again. It is a scary prospect putting my thoughts and experiences out into the empty vastness of the internet to be judged by random bypassers.  Hopefully this doesn’t come off as livejournal 2.0 and reaches an audience that appreciates whatever it is that I have to offer without it seeming too embarrassing in retrospect.


So I’m not quite sure where this ought to start so I guess you should read my “about me”.  Then with that out of the way I can lay out a rough idea of where I think this thing is going to lead to over the next year or so.  I am going to try as hard as I can to have this reflect my true personality and experiences, verrucae and all, right down to my tendency to let my mind wander and meander.  Anyway blogging at its best is sort of post-modern collage art, a borrowing, referencing and redistillation of ideas, kind of like a nerdy version of sampling.   (What’s even nerdier then that? Probably listening to NPR on a regular basis.)  Therefore I think there’ll be some discussion of interesting things I’ve learned here at NECO, and some clinical “hey what a fascinating patient” stuff (all within the bounds of HIPAA of course).  Mixed in will be things I just generally think are cool: music, sports, movies, politics or whatever.

And since I feel it’s maybe a touch narcissistic to have a blog where all you do is talk about yourself all the time (even in the age of tweeting your thoughts 24-7) once in a while I’ll throw in a mailbag where I answer questions from the readers, or maybe do like micro interviews with some of my fellow OD2013’s to see how things are from their perspective.  Probably though, the bulk of this will be stream-of-consciousness style personal reflections, unsolicited advice,  and a whole lot of randomness about optometry and the student life here at NECO.  I also figure this is going to be filled with self-referential analysis of things I just wrote.  And clever little linky things to obscure pop culture.  And not knowing when enough is enough on any one topic.  And sentence fragments.

One more (sappy) thing.

In my three years as a student here at NECO I’ve spent the majority of my Fridays, going all the way back to Fall of OD1, working in the Admissions Office helping with Interview Day in various ways.  The collective experience has been nothing but rewarding. I am proud to be here at NECO and I enjoy getting to tell the visitors why I think we are the best optometry program and why we have the best people.  I have been privileged to meet the various applicants and in some small way help guide their decisions on what school is their best fit.  The added bonus is that I have been enriching myself personally by building my ability to effectively communicate, think on the fly and speak in public.  So my efforts here are a sort of natural extension of my efforts put in there.  I can only hope that to the potential student you find this in some way useful in your decision.  And to the current folks here at NECO hopefully you’ll be somewhat entertained.

So with that said, the creeping anxiety I feel means it’s probably time for me to go back to studying for Part 1 of Boards, which is rapidly approaching.  My next update will maybe address some trials and tribulations of this Herculean task at hand.

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