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This blog chronicles my continuing adventures as a newly minted OD navigating the working world as I attempt to become licensed, complete an optometry residency and establish my future mode of practice for years to come.  I graduated from NECO as a proud member of the class of 2013 this past May, and I will be spending the next year working as a resident at a veterans’ hospital in the greater Boston Area. I will also be back at NECO as a lab monitor and a clinical tutor.  I recently moved with my wife from the Allston neighborhood of Boston to a nearby suburb.  I’m pretty pumped about all this.

My back story: I was born in the birthplace of Basketball, and lived in a nearby suburb that is flavored in equal parts by caldo verde and kielbasa.  I grew up looking up to skateboarders and hardcore punks, and the teenage me never would have thought I would become an eye doctor, not in a million years.  I went to UMass Amherst where I graduated in 2002 with a major in philosophy.  Afterward, I moved to Brooklyn to pursue a PhD at CUNY, but burned out and had to start over from scratch. For a time I pumped gas and worked as a stage hand for (loud) concert venues, but discovered an interest in vision science during a random stint as an optical lab technician and later as a licensed optician. A second degree in biology then got me in the door at NECO; over the course of a whirlwind four years in Boston, I made friends from across the world, came to love the city I once knew only from afar, worked for admissions and got to better know the fantastic faculty and staff at the college, and ultimately, reached my goal to become an optometrist.  To sum up my experiences thus far, to paraphrase Plato (or is it Socrates?):  I know one thing -- that I know nothing.  The education continues….

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