I enjoyed some rest and relaxation these past few weeks, as I have been getting ready to head back to Boston!  My last day working at the clinic in Florida seemed like it came too fast, but it was a great experience being able to volunteer there this summer.  As I have mentioned in my previous entries, I was given the opportunity to observe a variety of conditions and procedures that I have never seen before.  Aside from seeing all of these new things, I feel as though I gained a lot just from interacting with the patients.  They always told us in class that interacting with the patient is always the most important aspect of being a doctor, and experiencing this, this summer, has really proven to me how true this is.  An eye condition may appear to the doctor one way, but once the patient’s symptoms are factored in and their personal input is considered, the overall “case” quickly becomes unique.  This aspect of being an optometrist is very important to me, and I am really excited to interact with more patients during clinic this school year!

This brings me into what I have been doing these past couple of weeks.  At the end of July, my fiancé received his Naval Flight Officer wings after completing flight school.  I was able to attend the ceremony, which was held in the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.  I had never been to a ceremony like this before, so I didn’t know what exactly to expect.  It was held in one of the museum’s hangars, which also was home to many aircraft, including one of the Blue Angels.  A speech was given by the Air Boss of the Navy, Vice Admiral David Buss.  He is responsible for overseeing all aviation activity in the Navy, so it was really cool having him at the ceremony.  (I also was excited when he pulled out his speech along with his reading glasses…it made me happy to know that an optometrist had helped him out!)  After my fiancé received his wings, he received orders to be stationed in Virginia Beach, where he will be flying F/A-18 Superhornets.  With this in mind, and the fact that I haven’t started school yet, I was put in charge of helping him move.  We drove from Pensacola to Virginia Beach over a two day stretch and stopped in Charlotte, NC, for the night.  The drive was very beautiful, and I enjoyed every bit of it, as I had never been to any of the areas we passed through.  When we arrived in Virginia Beach, we had the daunting responsibility of finding him a place to live.  He did not want to find a place on the internet while still in Florida, so the day after getting to Virginia Beach, we visited a few apartment complexes in hopes of finding him a home.  The second apartment was a success and made me wish that Boston living was not so expensive!

This past week I have been hanging out in Virginia Beach and enjoying the last couple days of summer.  I am really excited to go back to Boston to start another year of school and I have already begun to receive emails regarding classes and clinic assignments for the upcoming semester!  I will be doing my second year clerkship at the Roslindale clinic, and my first day cannot come soon enough!  I have gone shopping multiple times for clinic attire (which I do not mind doing at all!) and have started re-reading some of my books from last year to refresh my memory on some of the clinical procedures that I may have to perform.  In addition to preparing for clinic, I have been preparing for adjusting back into the Boston lifestyle.  I’ve made a list of events to attend and things to see in the city this year, including going to Fenway.  I will admit it, I am a Yankees fan, and yes, I am going to be moving even closer to Fenway Park this year.  I am really excited for the Yankees to come to town (even if they are a few games behind the Red Sox right now).  I’ve been told I am crazy to wear Yankees apparel around, but I was surprised at how many people I saw wearing Yankees shirts last year in the city (so I have told myself that I will be okay!).  Fenway is still an awesome place (even if it is home to the Red Sox), and I am excited to live there this year and take in all of the awesome sights that Boston has to offer!

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