This past week has been pretty exciting for OD2016!  On Saturday, we had our white coat ceremony at the Back Bay Events Center.  All of us have been looking forward to this since our first day of school last year.  Even though it wasn’t quite graduation, the white coat ceremony still felt like a big deal (and sort of felt like graduation for us…until we realized we had midterms to study for when we got home).  The ceremony was very nice, and it was a way for us to celebrate how far we have come, both as individuals and as a class.  Dr. Carlson spoke to us about her experiences with us in PPO1 and we were presented our white coats by Dr. Hanley and Dr. Harper.  Closing remarks were given by Dr. Fisch and Dean McGinley, and our first official class photo was taken!  It was really neat to see all of us in our white coats and we all feel really professional now.  After the ceremony, there was brunch and we were able to mingle with family and friends.  As many of us were really stressed going into Saturday morning (worrying about studying and midterms), getting our white coats made all of the stress go away.  For me, I had a wonderful time at the ceremony.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone with their white coats and it was great to see everyone’s families there showing their support.  I was fortunate enough to have my parents and my fiancé come into Boston for the weekend and it was really nice being able to share this special day with them.  As things began to dwindle down (people were becoming full from the amazing food), my family and I left and spent the rest of the day exploring the city.  As stressed as I was about studying for midterms, it was really relaxing to just see the city on such a beautiful day.  I have been so busy with school that I have not been able to see much of the city this semester, so when my parents asked if I wanted to go to Quincy Market, I could not really say no!

As all weekends do, this weekend went by way too quickly.  As Monday rolled around, the usual midterms stress came with it.  School has been staying open late and the library has been filled every night.  I am not one to really use the library to study (I seem to get distracted way too easily), but I can say that my study desk at home has seen a lot of action this week!  Midterms start on Saturday, and as much as we want them to be over, many of us are not ready for them to begin.  As second years now, we are slowly starting to figure out why last year’s second years seemed so stressed out…there is a lot of stuff to know! As interesting and fun as it is, sometimes I wish I had a slow down button so I could have more time to study!

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