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Author Archives: Kristin

NECO and Beyond: How to make the most of your 4 years

Tonight, a panel of fellow residents and I met to answer students’ questions about residencies, which highlighted some areas that students seemed to be concerned with, so I thought I’d take this post to address some of those concerns whether you’re a first year or a fourth year. To the first years: be open to … Continue reading »

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Be Where You Are

It’s becoming that time of year when everyone is asking, what’s next? What will you be doing after residency? Where will you be living? Have you started applying for jobs yet? It can be easy to get caught up in only thinking ahead, to what the future might bring, both in an exciting way and … Continue reading »

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Be Gentle to Yourself

In our profession, like most in the healthcare field, we spend much of our time thinking and caring for others. This is what makes us good doctors. We listen. We empathize. We think of others’ best interests first and foremost. I think a lot of us are attracted to the healthcare field because we are, … Continue reading »

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Home Sweet Home

  2014. Six months into residency and things have really picked up. I really feel like the independence, responsibility and workload have intensified dramatically over the past few weeks, and I’m loving the challenge! My patient schedule has increased to match my attendings’ schedules, which means no more breaks throughout the day aside from lunch, … Continue reading »

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A Time To Reflect

The third rotation of fourth year students recently started at our clinic, which reminds me that it was this time one year ago that I moved to Spain to begin that adventure–the people I met, the clinical experiences I had that rounded out my American optometric education, the places I saw; I could be transported … Continue reading »

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Academy, Residency and Beyond

Month four of residency feels somehow significantly different from months one through three. I know I’ve said before that each time I start to feel comfortable, residency continues to challenge me, and this past month, that seems to be even more the case. The level of complexity of my cases has increased dramatically. I feel … Continue reading »

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What Does a Three Year-Old Have in Common With a First Year Optometry Student?

An update from my last post: I’ve since seen my first low vision patient from start to finish, meaning performed his low vision evaluation, worked through the paperwork of prior authorizations, had the devices he needed sent to us and dispensed them to him today! (Now, the last step is a few last steps to … Continue reading »

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So Much To Learn!

Just as I feel I’m getting in the flow of things, residency continues to challenge me–increased patients in my schedule, taking on more responsibilities around the clinic, feeling accountable for my own patients and working in preclinic in my “off-hours.” I’ve been doing something I rarely did in my spare time before: looking up journal … Continue reading »

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Eye Care Services

  These past few weeks of residency have allowed me to start to feel more like a health care provider, slowly but surely. I notice myself trusting my findings and making treatment plans more easily than I did before. I love working at the health center — it’s such a diverse group of people that … Continue reading »

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1 Month Deep…

Just reached the one month mark of my residency. The responsibilities are increasing, as is the patient load, and I’m beginning to oversee some of the third and fourth year students’ patients. It’s been especially fun working with the students (also my friends from school) as it allows me to see what a difference even … Continue reading »

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