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Author Archives: Laura

Welcome to ARVO 2015!

“All Group B’s, now ready to board!” announced the flight attendant over the loudspeaker as I prepared to travel to ARVO 2015. ARVO is the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and its Annual meeting welcomes researchers in eye and vision science to share their research. As I slung my poster around my shoulder, … Continue reading »

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Vision Expo East in the Big Apple!

The minute the clock struck 5 pm on Wednesday night, our class stampeded in unison through the doors which had held us captive during board exams for the last two days. As I pushed my way out of the crowd, the wind gently brushed my face with the crisp, fresh scent of spring. It felt … Continue reading »

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Life at Specwarts Part II: The Final Battle

The continuation of the magical world at NECO preparing for the NBEO Part I Board Exams (see “Life at Specwarts” for the first episode) On a quiet Monday evening I find myself entombed by the iron bars of the library windows. The wind teasingly twirls the snow outside and the night sky slowly enshrouds the earth. Suddenly, … Continue reading »

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No Further Bets!

As I ascend the famed mahogany staircase, I once again find myself standing in what used to be NECO’s foyer, now transformed into Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale. This is all part of Alcon Night, a yearly fundraiser by VOSH (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity)  to help fund a medical mission trip. Alcon Night is a casino … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Academy 2014!

It’s that time of year again…when the air feels a bit crisper, the pea coat is pulled out of the closet and New England transforms into a Norman Rockwell painting, full of rich, warm colors contrasted by the deep blue Charles River. Behind the iron gates of the New England College of Optometry, a new … Continue reading »

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Frames, Names and Games

It’s eight o’clock on a Saturday and the students shuffle back in… Faint music plays in the distance, teasingly rapping on the NECO classroom window. “All right class, time to continue with ocular disease” the instructor calls to reclaim our attention. Such is the fate of us third-years, as we work our way through the … Continue reading »

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Making Waves

A slight gust of warm wind gently tickles my face. I raise my head from the beach chair to leisurely observe my toes peeking out from a pair of flip-flops. The bright sun hovers high overhead in a cloudless, clear blue sky, indicating around noontime. I watch hypnotically as the waves wash against the large … Continue reading »

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The Halfway Mark

As I push my way through a sea of winter jackets, I finally reach the railing. Panting for breath, I peer out onto the long strip of pavement that denotes the path for the 118th Boston Marathon. I look to my right in anticipation of the racers cresting the hill, but my gaze is only … Continue reading »

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May the ODs Be Ever in Your Favor!

Today is March 22, 2014. In the past, this day has just been a typical day, people going about their usual business, each living their separate ordinary lives, indistinguishable from any other one. But from today forward, this day will no longer be mundane. Instead, it will be a day that no one will be … Continue reading »

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Stuck in Limbo

Sprinting through January in the blink of an eye, we barely caught our breath between an action-packed ski trip to Killington, Vermont, and the glittery excitement of Vegas Night held each year at our school.  In contrast, February seems like a sticky mud puddle impeding your every step.  As I pass third-years in the hallway … Continue reading »

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