Fond Memories

It’s already May 1st which means there are eighteen days until GRADUATION. It feels surreal to realize that my four years at NECO and in Boston are coming to a close. Memories rapidly fire through my brain reminding me of school, friends, studying, and my Boston adventures.

The following entry will course you through my experiences in Boston and what every person must experience!
Newbury and Boylston Streets are lined with restaurants, both with indoor and outdoor seating. Options range from Asian cuisine such as Indian-Chinese fusion, Thai, and Sushi, Greek and Middle Eastern foods, which will always satisfy the taste buds, to the simple craving of good ol’ American burgers and fries.
The North End instantly comes to mind when I’m craving something sweet. The Little Italy of Boston is lined with pastry shops selling cannolis, cakes, biscuits, and so much more! It’s heaven for someone with a sweet tooth! Wanting something to cool you down on a hot summer’s day? Try any of the gelato shops; it’ll feel like you’re in Italy!
Thinking of what to do on a quiet Saturday afternoon (which is rare)? You can try visiting one of the several museums Boston has to offer. Be sure to take a break from studying and go to the Museum of Science, the Aquarium, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Explore Harvard, MIT, and everything else Boston has to offer. Time flies and you’ll be a graduating fourth year before you know it.
The Charles River divides Boston and Cambridge. The paths along the river are frequented by runners, bikers, and walkers. The view along the Charles is stunning, especially at sunset; it’s an indescribable moment which one has to experience on their own.
Getting bored of sitting in the library and studying? Fear not, you can try studying in one of the several cafes such as Pavingstone, Espresso Royale, or even Barnes and Noble in the Prudential Center. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, a scone, and get comfortable because you’ll be set to study for hours! If you’re looking for a quieter area, the Boston Public Library or MIT student lounge offer plenty of space for students. I remember setting up camp for hours on end in these locations to study for midterms, finals, and boards.
New York is only 4 hours away, by bus? It only costs $30 round trip (on average)? You have to be kidding! That was my initial response to realizing how close NY is to Boston and how easy it is to do weekend trips. Coming from Western Canada made NY seem like an exotic US city; after moving to Boston, my feet have traipsed the grounds of NY streets several times.
Of course I couldn’t forget NECO. This school became my second home and I forged some amazing friendships with both students and preceptors. It taught, encouraged, and fostered my growth from a naive first year to a soon-to-be-doctor.

There you have it, future NECO students! You’re about to embark on an amazing adventure and I hope you’ll enjoy these next four years to the fullest. Live, laugh, and learn – live by my favorite “L”s and you’ll have no regrets.

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