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In Residence

This may end up being a bit of a shorter post this month, as I desperately rub my few remaining brain cells together and catch the sparks on this page.

That’s probably a bit overdramatic, but the month of January was a long month. Unlike February, which is the shortest month… but may also end up being a long month… In any case, I just completed my entire residency application and interview process and after 12 hours of driving and interviewing in one day, I look forward to the week long break I have between the completion of my application and flying down to North Carolina from Boston to take my National Boards Part III. I will officially be done with those by next week, and if all goes well, finished with nearly all of my obligations for licensure and graduation short of completing my final rotation.

In the interest of looking to the future: I received my Special Populations schedule at long last, which details the sites in and around Boston I will be at during my final fourth year clinical rotation. The selection process involves submitting your preferences for the aforementioned special populations you feel you would like to work with, and hinges to some degree on what modes of transportation are available to you. I am fortunate enough to have a car to myself whenever I need it and live outside the city, so points west and south are quite accessible to me. The populations you can mark as your preferences range from pediatrics to vision therapy to low vision. I was lucky enough to end up working with a range of populations that I am interested in gaining more experience with, and will be doing the following:

Monday – Low Vision

Tuesday – Persons with Disabilities

Wednesday – Pediatrics

Thursday – Persons with Disabilities

Friday – WILDCARD*

*Wildcard actually just means I’ll be doing contact lenses at the New England Eye Institute

So, since I have a car, I will be traveling between Brockton, Watertown, Hyde Park and Boston, depending on which day of the week it is. Hopefully I can grow accustomed to the schedule quickly, and don’t end up at the wrong site on the wrong day. As long as I have my coffee before leaving in the morning, it shouldn’t be an issue.

With my final rotation fast approaching, I am now entering the nebulous territory of Job Searching, Population: Me. As I mentioned before, I have completed my application and interview for the VA Boston Residency in Ocular Disease and Primary Care. If I match with any of my top choices, that means I will be completing a yearlong residency program that focuses on (surprise) the treatment of ocular diseases and the delivery of primary care to veterans. I feel that I did quite well on my interviews, but won’t know the results for another month, so now I must occupy myself with the formation of backup plans and fallbacks in case things do not work out. There seem to be new jobs opening up all the time, thankfully, and since I know I will be staying in the area, it helps narrow my search down. On top of that, I am on the lookout for a new apartment, since my fiancée and I have nearly outgrown our quaint basement apartment that could generously be placed somewhere between a studio and a one bedroom.

Big things are ahead, and I am excited for the changes that are in store. I am very interested to see how it is being at a different site every day of the week, working with completely different patient populations. If nothing else, it will undoubtedly keep things fresh. So very fresh. As for the jobs and residency program, I will be in limbo for a little while, but hopefully by my next blog post or the following one, I may know a bit more about what my future has in store. Until then, I will be making the most of my weekends as I prepare to complete my national boards and then get back to that little detail of planning my impending wedding. Happy (almost) spring to all. It is on its way, regardless of what a certain prophetic marmot had to say about the matter.

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